The trial docket is running behind so far today in Ray County.  43 year old Theopolis Johnson was scheduled to appear at ten this morning.  He is charged with attempting to break out of the Ray County Jail on Christmas Eve.  Johnson is being held on accusations of statutory rape and two counts of murder.  His bond is set at just over one million dollars.

In an unrelated case in Ray County Irene Carter, who was scheduled for 9 this morning, just pleaded guilty to stealing $21,000 from Orschelns and three counts of forgery for falsifying return receipts. She was a former employee. Carter faces up to seven years in prison on each count. Her sentencing will be held Nov. 7th at 9:00 am.

Johnson has not yet been brought before the judge.  We have a reporter in the courtroom and we’ll continue to bring you updates throughout the day.