The USDA has announced that 235 million dollars are available for group, conservation projects.  The Regional Conservation Partnership Program (RCPP) is a program of the Natural Resources Conservation Service which helps fund conservation programs through joint interests. It is meant to encourage partners to join in efforts with producers to promote the conservation of soil, water, wildlife and other resources on a regional scale. RCPP  is a new feature of the 2014 Farm Bill which allows local partnerships to implement conservation practices using federal dollars along with their own. The funds will be used for things such as more efficient irrigation techniques, installing conservation practices and assisting farmers with converting irrigated acres to non-irrigated farmland.  With the RCPP is Curt McDaniel, the Assistant State Conservationist for Programs in Missouri.  He goes into detail about who is eligible.  Agricultural landowners or owners of non-industrial forest land may enter into partnerships with agricultural associations, farmer cooperatives, state and local governments or other groups with similar conservation goals.   Applicants have until July 8th to apply.  For more information, visit the Natural Resources Conservation Service website.