The stars of a reality television show paid a visit to Boonville this month. The History Channel program “American Pickers” features two men who travel the United States to buy antiques and collectibles. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Pamela Davis and Stanley Thomas:

Pamela Davis and Stanley Thomas

The stars of the program, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, visited Boonville on August 1st. They took enough belongings to fill an entire episode, but the Davis and Thomas have signed a confidentiality contract. They can not share what was bought and how much was paid for it. “Because that’s their show,” said Thomas, “They want to be able to put that on t.v. and air it without everybody knowing what they already bought.”

Wolfe and Fritz spent about eight hours looking through the belongings, most of which belong to Davis. She had never heard of the production before the visit. “The City, Sherry Broyles is with tourism, and she had lots of calls in with them for quite some time. And finally they called back, but it wasn’t to come see me, it was to come see someone else,” said Davis, “Well, as circumstances happened, they were afraid he wasn’t going to be available the day that the scout came through.”

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