Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander has announced  Monday morning that the recount results of Constitutional Amendment One Right to Farm have been officially certified and they confirm the passage of the Amendment.

The original results in August showed the measure passing by 2,490 votes; the recount adjusted that number to 2,375 votes.  Kander’s office provided a web page dedicated to the process and results as they came in, county-by-county.

Press Release:

Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander today announced the certified results of the statewide recount of Constitutional Amendment 1, which appeared on Missouri’s August 5th primary election ballot.

The final results of the recount confirmed the passage of Amendment 1. The difference between the “yes” votes and the “no” votes after the recount is 2,375 votes, and before the recount it was 2,490.

For the first time ever, Missourians were able to follow the recount process thanks to a webpage established by Kander’s office to increase accessibility and transparency. The page showed the recount schedule established by the local election authorities, each local election authorities’ report of findings and a summary of recount results.