The Heart of Missouri Chapter of the American Red Cross is ready to assist as needed during the storm.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Disaster Specialist Phillip Iman:

Phillip Iman

As would be expected of the organization, they began making preparations early in the week.  “We called quite a few volunteers and placed them on standby in case we do need to open a shelter today, “said Iman, “We also have staff available to answer the phone lines so that if there are major disasters we are ready to go into action to ensure people have a safe place to go.”

Unless the situation changes, the Red Cross does not expect to open shelters in our area.  “We have not opened locations, nor do we anticipate the need to do so, “said Iman,” We’re just getting snow in this region.  In southern Missouri there is that possibility because they may have ice.  No one that I have spoken with anticipates a need to open a shelter here in central Missouri.”

Anyone who should require assistance during the storm is urged to call their office at (573) 635-1132.