Marshall residents have until July 31st to submit paperwork regarding the unintentional 9-1-1 tax. Click to hear KMZU’s Sara Scott speak with City Administrator Connie Latimer.

Conne Latimer

Latimer said the chosen method of refund was the only plausible solution. “They [phone company] never would send us anything and we have no idea who they collected money from.” She added, “This is a problem for people, and I know it is a real inconvenience and I hate that. But, we didn’t know what else to do. We could have sent the lump sum back and nobody would have ever seen it.”

Latimer added residents are beginning to take advantage of the refund. “People are coming and picking up their instruction packet and their claim forms. Then they bring their telephone bills back in with those. All they need to turn in is the copy of the page from their phone bill that has the 911 tax listed on it.” She said, “So far, we’ve probably had 10-12 people come in and turn in their claim forms.”

Claim forms can be picked up at Marshall City Hall. The refunds will be around $19-$20, and checks will begin to be written after July 1. Any unclaimed funds will be distributed to the 9-1-1 center.