The Chillicothe Fire Department is preparing for the soon to be completed Training Station and Tower in a few weeks. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with Chillicothe Fire Chief Darrell Wright.

Darell Wright

Chief Darrel Wright says this will provide the latest training in fire and rescue tactics and equipment, to keep regional forces at their sharpest.

Darrell Wright2

It’s going to be a multi-story training center to properly train firefighters and police officers in the things that we do each and every day. It’s just a step that we want to take to keep our staff as trained as we can have them,” The Chief said.

And we also are going to be in partnership with Grand River Tech, to enhance the Fire Training Academy at their location.

The Center is located at 1301 Green St. and will allow training in a controlled environment. It will be used to simulate such scenarios as a basement fire, smoky stairway navigation, roof ventilation as well as rope and well rescue, ladder practice and much more.

Chief Wright says once everything is up and running, he could see several firefighters being trained there each and every week.

Darrell Wright

Per class we would like to have 10 or 15 on a daily basis when we have classes there, but how many is going to be scheduled, right now, we don’t know that. We haven’t really got into the marketing part of the center yet,” Wright explained.

It’s coming along pretty well. All of the ground work’s done, all of the infrastructure is complete. We’re looking at final completion to be on the 31st of this month. And then around the 3rd or 4th, we don’t have that date exactly set yet, we are going to have a ribbon-cutting.”

The multistory structure delivers on a promise made by the city and fire department leading up to the fire tax approval in a 2003 election. The approximate cost is projected at around $400-thousand.

Final construction is on target for an October 31st deadline, with final prep and then a ribbon cutting in early November.