WARSAW, Mo. — A new regulation beginning on March 1, 2016 will reduce the length limit on spotted bass caught at Truman Lake from 15 to 12 inches. New research has indicated spotted bass grow slower and have a hard time reaching 15 inches.

A news release from the Missouri Department of Conservation states, “During the last five years, population studies found that only 5 percent of spotted bass measured at Truman Lake are 15 inches or longer. However, 50 percent of them were 12 inches or longer. Anglers at Truman Lake will now be able to keep spotted bass that are 12 inches or longer. The minimum length limit for anglers to keep largemouth bass remains at 15 inches.”

Since largemouth bass and spotted bass look similar, fishermen will have to be able to distinguish the differences. The MDC has distinguished the differences in the following pictures.

largmouth bass

Photo from MDC

spotted bass

Photo from MDC

The news release also states says the habitats can be similar for both fish, but spotted bass prefer steeper, rocky bluffs areas.

The daily limit for both bass at Truman Lake is 6 fish combined. You can find more information at http://fishing.mdc.mo.gov/reports/truman-lake