LEXINGTON, Mo. — The Remington Arms Company in Lexington, Missouri will be receiving equipment and machinery upgrades thanks to the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

A Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) of $1.6 million was awarded to the company, which will go to enhancing the efficiency and safety of its manufacturing facility. The company will maintain a minimum employment level of 80 existing job as part of the project.

The Missouri Department of Economic Development administers the DBG program, which provides grants and loan funds to cities with population under 50,000 and counties under 200,000. The grants are used to assist in a variety of different public works and economic development projects.

“The safety and efficiency of our Lexington workforce is a primary concern for the Company [Remington Arms Company],” said Remington Senior Vice President Leland Nichols, “This CDBG grant will make it possible for Remington to address these concerns and ensure its continued operation in Lexington.”

Mayor Jerry Brown of Lexington said that the CDBG award means that more 80 jobs in Lexington were saved.