The Renewable Energy Technology Program at State Fair Community College is up and running.  Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with State Fair Community College Renewable Energy Technology Program Coordinator David Albers:

David Albers

Albers says there are other schools in the state that have similar initiatives but not on the level present in Sedalia.  State Fair has access to solar, wind, and waste energy sources which is unique in the region.  He believes the program provides tremendous opportunity for those who are interested in pursuing a career in renewable energy technology, a fast growing field.

Before taking the position at State Fair, Albers worked as an environmental lawyer.  He also started BioEnergy Solutions, a bio-methane plant in California.  Albers says he took the job because it combines his passion for renewable energy and his interest in helping people.  Albers wants to help people improve their circumstances and he sees the program as a way to do that on many levels.  Students can pursue an associates degree or just certification to work in certain sectors of the innovative field.

Albers sees major benefits for students and companies across the state.  He hopes the Waste Energy Center will serve as an incubator for regional businesses that are looking for ways to change the way they do business in the energy sector.  The center will serve as a hands-on laboratory for students and will put energy back into the grid at State Fair Community College.