Plans continue to develop for the renovation of two parks in Brookfield.  The project is part of an overall renovation of the downtown area after the city was named a DREAM community three years ago.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Brookfield Area Growth Partnership Executive Director Becky Cleaveland:

Becky Cleaveland

According to Cleaveland, they are beginning in this area because it needs and deserves updates and repairs.   “The Twin Parks have been in Brookfield as long as Brookfield has been here,” said Cleaveland,” It’s time that they get a facelift to make them more relevant for today.”

The plan is for each park to serve a specific role in the area.  “The park on the west would be the play park where the playground equipment is today and will remain,”said Cleaveland,”This will continue to be a family area.  The park on the other side will be what we call the events park.”

Organizers hope to complete the project within the next two years if all goes well.  “We want the folks of our community to see that we really mean business this time and we’re not going to just talk about things, but actually do things,” said Cleaveland,” There has to be planning and that takes time, but we also need to have some results.”

Once the final plans are in place, the group will begin the process of securing funding for the work.  The next work session to discuss that plan will be held on the 6th of February.