CARROLLTON, Mo. — Renovation plans were the subject of new business at the Carrollton City Council meeting Monday.

Plans to enlarge the Rupe Center were brought before council members by the Carrollton Area Economic Alliance.  City officials believe the venue is often overlooked by large parties seeking a location for an event. The “moderate size” of the Rupe Center is thought to be the reason for these potentially missed opportunities.

Current plans, brought to the council by interested stakeholders at no current cost to the city, include an expansion of the meeting area that could accommodate up to 500 persons. The plans also include an entryway, separate storage space for equipment, and areas for food preparation and storage.

Carrollton High School and Middle School are also scheduled for renovation after international building codes were adopted by the city this year.  Among the requirements of the codes is the inclusion of storm shelters at structures that house up to a certain number of occupants.

Inquiries have also been made by the Planning and Zoning Commissioner to companies able to demolish or remove aging and dilapidated structures in the city.