Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson interview with Missouri State Representative Dean Dohrman.

Missouri State Representative Dean Dohrman spoke with KMZU Reporter Ashley Johnson about the steps Missouri legislation is taking to create jobs in Missouri through data centers. Dohrman explains that there is a tax credit to data businesses that hire local employees.

Representative Dohrman also touched on this years Supplemental Budget Bill that was approved. Dohrman states, “…each year we have supplemental bills when we come back into session each January, because our fiscal year begins in July, and it’s for various needs that crop up in the last six months of the year.” One hundred and twenty million dollars of state general revenue was used in this bill and the bulk of that amount is for the state’s Medicaid program.

According to Missouri State Representative Dean Dohrman, manufacturing jobs that have been sent overseas are returning to Missouri and Dohrman has co-sponsored a bill that will create a fund called the Missouri International Business Advertising Fund. Representative Dohrman explains the funds purpose. Representative Dohrman says that Missouri legislators are concentrating on jobs and through this bill they will “attract businesses from overseas to the Show-Me State.”