Dean DohrmanMissouri State Representative from the 51st District, Dean Dohrman, spoke with KMZU’s Ashley Johnson about legislative issues discussed at last weeks veto session.

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Dohrman discussed the senate bill dealing with the A+ scholarship program and why congress overrode the governors veto. The bill states that you must be a legal Missouri citizen to receive payments from the A+ program, otherwise students will have to pay out of state tuition.

Dohrman spent time explaining what he believes was federal overreach by the Department of Natural Resources. Dohrman explains how congress reigned in the departments regulations; especially when it comes to the WOTUS Act. WOTUS stands for waters of the U.S. and according to WOTUS every  form of water from rivers, lakes and ponds all the way to drainage ditches was subject to strict regulation by the EPA. Congress has not placed restriction on the Department of Natural Resources because, as Dohrman put it, water needs regulation but the WOTUS Act was too extreme.

Dohrman also spoke on the topic of minimum wage. This discussion being brought up due to Kansas City’s recent decision of a gradual increase in minimum wage, to which Dorhman says the city never had the authority to change. Congress has shut down that increase, deeming minimum wage a state issue and not one of individual cities. However, he does feel this issue will eventually end up in court.