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The second week of the Missouri House of Representative’s new session started at 10:00 Monday morning. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Representative Mike Lair, of Chillicothe:

Mike Lair

The majority caucus named some of their priorities for 2014 last week. “Tax relief is one of on the first ones,” said Lair. “We lost that bill to the governor’s veto last year. And, you know, to be very honest, it wasn’t the best bill I’ve ever seen. And we’re going to try to put together a much better bill this year.”

Right-to-work is expected to be one of the biggest issues of the year. “Right-to-work simply is a statement that you don’t have to join a union to work somewhere. That’s just basically what it is,” said Lair. “And, from an economic development standpoint, states that have right-to-work laws are much more desirable to companies that move into an area.”

Lair said many Representatives believe a change in the current policy would stimulate the economy, but some union factions are expected to fight it.

Other priorities include regulations on small businesses, tort reform, and energy policy.