Columbia, Mo.- On Wednesday, July 22, 2015, police arrested Kolton Michael Babb, a legislative aid to Republican Missouri House Representative Mike Kelley, for felony charges of domestic assault in the second degree.

The altercation allegedly began at approximately 4:00 a.m. that morning in Babb’s apartment, located in the 3700 block of Santiago Drive in Columbia. That’s where Babb is alleged to have placed a “chemical-smelling green rag” to the mouth and nose of an unnamed female subject, while, according to official court documents, stating, “just have sex with me.”

When the subject refused and grabbed at the rag, Babb supposedly dropped it and then stepped behind the female subject and, according to documents, admitted to law enforcement that he placed the subject in a “sleeper hold” which Babb described as, “placing his left arm around her neck, with her chin at the crux of his elbow.” Babb also purportedly told law enforcement he was, “possibly putting too much pressure on her neck.”

The victim told law enforcement she lost consciousness and woke up on the floor to, “Babb hovering over her,” telling the subject, “”you’re fine…you’re fine.” According to an official Boone County Probable Cause Statement Babb allegedly told officers that his actions were in response to the unnamed subject “throwing soap and shampoo bottles at him.” According to records, Babb stated he felt “upset” and “worn out” at the time.

In his post-Miranda interview with law enforcement, Babb purportedly admitted to officers that, “he believed what he did was wrong and illegal,” law enforcement also said Babb admitted “he believed his actions could have seriously injured or killed” the unnamed subject. According to law enforcement, Babb thought about using his own semi-automatic handgun “to harm himself after the incident.” Police stated in official documentation that his actions make Babb a danger to the community.

Babb was released from Boone County jail on a $10,000 full cash only bond. He is currently suspended from his position as a legislative aid. A case review has been set for Friday, August 28, 2015, at Boone County Court in Columbia.