The Missouri House and Senate considered several pieces of legislation concerning agriculture this session.  Child labor laws as relates to agriculture were a hot topic.

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The Missouri House and Senate approved legislation allowing kids to work on their family farms.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Representative Dean Dohrman, of La Monte:

Dean Dohrman

“If I had it, all children would grow up on a farm, and they would have that experience of taking care of something that is alive.  Then they’d get an understanding that food doesn’t just suddently appear on a store shelf, it has to be produced in one way or another,” said Dohrman, “There’s just so many things that are learned on the farm.”

Representative Joe Don McGaugh, of Carrollton,  says this is in response to federal mandates.

“Couple years ago the Obama Administration, on a federal level, tried to change the labor laws to exclude children from working on family farms.  Senator Munzlinger actually looked into the labor laws in Missouri and found that children, minors weren’t specifically exempted from farm labor,” said McGaugh, “So we changed that this year.”

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Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with McGaugh:

Joe Don McGaugh

The “Right to Farm” bill passed both branches of the Missouri legislature.  House Joint Resolution 11-7 will be on the August 2014 ballot.  

This would put into Missouri’s Constitution the right of farmers and ranchers to be engaged in agricultural production within the state.