The US Justice Department’s Western District announced June 9th the indictment of two residents, a father and son operation out of Cameron Mo, who purported to sell hay to farmers in Missouri and nine other states in the West and Midwest but either did not supply the product or provided very poor product.

Together, they sold more than $3.2 million  of hay advertised as “excellent brome”, “big, heavy bales.”  Most of their product consisted of “weeds, sticks, bushes, small trees, briars, thistles and woody stems” according to the indictment.

The allegations state that Mark Henry, Sr.., 50, of Cameron, Mo, and Mark Henry, Jr., 28, of Lucerne, Mo. demanded pre-payment from purchasers who responded to advertisements for hay.  The Henry’s also allegedly failed to pay for hay they had purchased from other farmers.

The Henry’s also sold cattle advertised as “front pasture” and “young cows” which were, according to allegations, much older and worth less money than what was advertised.  It is estimated that over $59,000 were obtained fraudulently by those sales.

The Henry’s are charged with seven counts each of wire fraud and mail fraud.

A forfeiture allegation would require the Henry’s to pay over $861,000 in restitution to the government.b4e9d82d36fc47a6bca93dfda6457c5a