The State Department of Revenue has revoked the retail sales license of two Warrensburg area businesses.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Chief of Police Bruce Howey:

Bruce Howey

According to the Chief, his department served notices to the owners last week.  “Cadillac Ranch is one of them,” said Howey,”The other is the Cancun Restaurant.  I can tell you both have been closed upon notification.”

Howey said this action generally stems from a retail location failing to transfer collected sales tax money to the state for a significant amount of time.  “We want to be fair to all of the businesses and we also want to be fair to those that pay their taxes,” said Howey,” Customers should be able to expect that, when they’re charged sales tax, it is forwarded to the state for sales tax purposes.”

Press Release:

The State Department of Revenue has reported to the City of Warrensburg that several businesses in Warrensburg have been notified that their State Retail Sales Licenses have been revoked.

The Department of Revenue notice to the businesses includes the following:

144.083.2 RSMO

“The possession of a retail sales license shall be a prerequisite to the issuance of any city or county occupation license or any state license which is required, for conducting any business where goods are sold at retail.  The revocation of a retailer’s license by the Director shall render the occupational license or the state license null and void.”

In fairness to all, the Warrensburg Police Department will be serving an additional courtesy to the business owner or manager.

Failure to comply with State statute and city ordinance will result in enforcement action being taken by the Police Department.