Revisions to the Carroll County flood maps become effective on Tuesday.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to flood plain administrator Harry Barnett:

Harry Barnett

According to Barnett, the county commissioners were severely limited in their options in regard to these changes.  “It’s like this, we either almost had to agree to the terms or people who live in Carroll county would no longer be able to get any flood insurance at all,” said Barnett,” If we don’t have the ordinance to enforce the floodplain rules, there would be no available insurance.”

With a looming deadline, officials took the steps needed to make certain landowners would not be impacted in that manner.  “The commissioners have approved the ordinance which enforces the flood plain management plan,” said Barnett,” Basically, on October 2nd, the new rules for the ordinance will be put into place.  At that time, the areas that have been taken out of the flood plain and designated as a flood way, will fall under these new rules.”

According to Barnett, those rules limit the construction options available to landowners and will also cause an increase in insurance costs.