Dr. Randall Williams

MACON —  Eighteen active cases of COVID-19 are linked to a four-day revival in Macon County. On Thursday, Macon County Health Department reported 18 of the county’s 19 active cases are related to the Open Arms Baptist Church revival, which occurred June 28 to July 1 in Macon. Around 100 to 150 people from various counties attended the event, according to Missouri Department of Health Director Dr. Randall Williams.

Among those cases, two individuals are hospitalized. Six people are also presumed positive, meaning they were in close contact with an infected person, but have not been tested, according to the county health department. Williams addressed the outbreak on Thursday at the governor’s press conference.

“Mike (Chambers, health department director) and his staff are doing testing and contact tracing and they’ve been a little bit stretched. Very, very early this morning I sent out a directive to my staff to make contact with Mike and help him with the test. I think the way we’re probably leaning on that is with our Abbott machines, point-of-care testing that’s immediate,” Williams said.

The health department notes the the congregation is working closely with them to contain spread.