Click below to listen to KMZU’s Ashley Johnson, speak with Lea Johnson, Rural Missouri ALS Association Support Group President.

Lea Johnson

The annual Richmond ALS walk is back and as always wants to raise as much awareness as possible.  “It’s a fatal disease,” said Johnson, “There is no cure for it and they do not know what causes it. It is Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, that’s what it stand for and it affects the nerves that control the muscles of your body.  As these nerves quit working, the muscles quit working, and finally your heart and lungs stop working, that’s what takes your life.  The average life span with an ALS patient is 2-5 years.”

With the cause of this fast moving fatal disease still remaining a mystery, it is imperative that we come together and do our part to help.  “We have had a very high number of ALS patients in the Richmond area, much higher than the average,” Johnson said, “So we’re trying to help.  A lot of research is going on, this ice bucket challenge thing has raised over 12 million dollars, and that will go to research to try to find what causes ALS.  After they find a cause we can go to what we can do to treat it and cure it and that is the goal.”

All you have to do is walk.  “We’d like as many people to come out as they can, just to support the ALS people,” said Johnson, “They really appreciate that, because there’s really not a whole lot else that you can do. We appreciate any help that we can get from any source.”

Sign in begins at 9:00 a.m. and the walk will start at 10:00 at the Richmond High School track and football field.  It is only about a half a mile to three quarters of a mile long walk.  The team with the most walkers and the team that raises the most money will receive a trophy. For more information or for any other questions, you can reach Lea Johnson at 816-739-3333.