The Richmond R-16 Board of Education discussed the district’s 2-5-10 plan Tuesday night. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone talk with Superintendent Damon Kizzire.

Damon Kizzire

The Richmond R-XVI School District’s 2-5-10 plan is a guideline for improvements to curriculum, infrastructure and more over the coming decade. Superintendent Damon Kizzire says the top of the list this year is close to being decided. “The top two things seem to be, making sure the roof was fixed, technology and then out of that doing some revamping to the restrooms and things like that at Dear and the High School,” Kizzier said. “But, even more importantly after the fact, the discussion started talking about teacher salaries and how to start giving back to our staff and those kinds of things,” he adds.

Richmond R-XVI is near the lower end of the pay scale and the board will address that next contract negotiating period.

The board also discussed upgrading broadband and Wi-Fi capabilities. Superintendent Damon Kizzire said the ability for cross-communication between computers and eventual use by students for research and study is not what comes first. “We agreed the most important thing would be the infrastructure for that as well as wireless. But, right now, without having that central hub, and the ability for our computers and things like that to talk with each other, we’re really struggling. ” Kizzire said. “Our focus is to get the central hub set up, and get wireless to work with that, and then start working on student access and those kinds of things for the future,” he adds.

The company Midwest CompuTech will oversee the building of that central hub.

Another item on the agenda was the board’s approval to allow a settlement between the now disbanded Stet School District and Randy Small Transportation. That decision to allow it was unanimous however, additional approval from surrounding school districts is also needed.