The Board of Education in Richmond will hold a work session Monday evening that will focus on establishing district goals for the new school year.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to Superintendent Damon Kizzire:

Damon Kizzire

According to officials, time will be dedicated to establishing goals for the district’s comprehensive school improvement plan.  “There’s five different parts to that including student performance, highly qualified staff, facility support, parent/community involvement, and governance,”said Kizzire,” Each board member has a role in at least one, probably two of those things, as well as all of the administrators.  We will form committees and come up with different goals that we would like to see happen throughout the school year.”

The district will look at their current budget, as well as budget and expenditure reports from years past, to determine what sacrifices have been made and what can possibly be given back.  ” I have asked all of the administrators to name the things they have lost and what, if given the opportunity, they would like back the most,” said Kizzire,” I also asked them to list things they know some other building needs.  I’m forcing my administrators to talk to one another and be aware of one another’s needs because there’s only a certain amount of money we have and the budget is tight.  Then I asked them to list the biggest need district wide.”

The work session is scheduled to begin at 7:00 p.m. at the board office.