The Richmond City Council will meet in regular session on Tuesday evening.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to City Administrator Ron Brohammer:

Ron Brohammer

The council has several items of new business on their agenda.  “Our park department has a loan they took out a few years ago to resurface some tennis courts,” said Brohammer,” They want to pay that off early, so we will amend the current budget.  We need to set the tax levy for the general revenue for park purposes and general obligation bonds.  Also, we’re looking to begin accepting some credit cards, first just in our court system for payments.  We will bring that to the council for consideration.”

The council will also hear several reports.  “Our finance committee has completed its final reviews on our draft budget proposals for fiscal year 2013,” said Brohammer,”  They will present that for consideration by the full council.  The public works committee will recommend some street projects for later in the fall.  This will include some milling, overlaying of asphalt, and possibly some crack sealing.”

The mayor is also expected to appoint Amy Sisson to the police force.  The meeting will begin at 6:30 in council chambers.