The Richmond City Council was fully present Tuesday, July 26, 2016, for the final regular session of the month.

RICHMOND, Mo. – The regular session meeting Tuesday, July 27, 2016, for the Richmond City Council focused on economic development in the first half of proceedings. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone speak with City Administrator Ron Brohammer about the session.

Before official proceedings began, Mayor Mike Pence had Police Lieutenant Todd Herdman speak to those present about a special contribution to the Department.

Lt. Herdman informed the chamber that two young girls, Gabby Camp, of Richmond and Grace McLellan of Macon had recently put up a lemonade stand to raise money for the police force.

In the course of the day they raised $175. The police department and city leaders expressed their deep appreciation for these young ladies efforts to support law enforcement.

Under unfinished business, Dr. Troy Nash, Managing Director, Principal of Public Sector Consulting with Newmark-Grubb-Zimmer, made a presentation to council on recent research into methods employed by numerous municipalities throughout the state for economic development. The firm also conducted a focus group survey inside Richmond.

During the presentation Nash and his associate, Stacy Sedler, President and CEO at Sterling Consulting Group, showed the weaknesses in the local economic development infrastructure and pointed out measures that would benefit growth in the local economy.

City administrator Ron Brohammer says this is a subject that Richmond leaders have been pursuing for a few years.

Brohammer adds some progress has been made through the partnership.

Council also approved a request by the organizers of this year’s Outlaw Days on September 10, to use the parking lot at the intersection of North Main Street and College.

Council also approved a contract with CIPP, related to maintenance of the city’s pipe system. City Administrator Ron Brohammer says it’s an on going process but will extend the life of the sewer system.

Brohammer says that the smoke testing will probably begin at the end of this week and an announcement will be made.

Council also moved to approve a replat of two lots related to Phase One of the Morningside Village project.

Plus, three measures were tabled for the next session. One was to resend out a bid request for cleaning the water treatment plant’s lagoon to extend the process’ time period. And two bills related to sidewalks and a transportation alternative funds agreement with MoDOT to better clarify the process.

The Richmond City Council will gather for another regular session Tuesday, August 9. For more information about Richmond’s council log onto the city’s website.