The Richmond City Council met Tuesday night and featured the preview of the Fiscal Year 2014 Budget. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone talk with Richmond City Administrator Ron Brohammer:

Ron Brohammer

City Administrator Ron Brohammer gave the budget presentation, itemizing costs for the water, parks, recreation, cemetery, street and police departments, plus all city employee’s salaries and benefits. Administrator Brohammer said what the total budget expenditures are, where the public can view the current draft and the schedule for formal budget adoption. “$7-million, there will be a public hearing on July 9th, and after that, depending on whether there is citizen input, or questions that need to be addressed, if there are none…then it will come to the council for approval, ” Brohammer said. “It [the budget] is just available at city hall, and anybody’s welcomed to come and take a look at it, that would like to,” he adds.

The single largest projected budget expenditure is payroll which will total $2,925,977 by September 30th 2014. That money covers a 10% increase in health and dental premiums without loss of coverage, the hiring of an additional employee in the Recreation Department and another in the Parks Department. This also allows for a 4% increase in all city employees’ salaries that goes in effect October 1st, 2013.

Major expenditures include a new water truck at a projected cost of $60,000, two new police vehicles and necessary equipment at $69,400 and the lease of 6,000 PSI air tanks for the fire department’s breathing apparatus’, adding another 40 minutes of air supply per tank at a total projected cost of $12,800.

The meeting included a public hearing on the revision of the base rate sewer charge to help pay for the new waste water treatment plant construction debt. This is the second phase of the three planned rate increases and will go up by five dollars over the current rate of $10.09. City Administrator Ron Brohammer explains what that base rate is for, the price of consumption and when the loan payments begin. “It is for a connection, and then the service charge is $7.98 per thousand gallons. So every connection will be $15.09,” Brohammer said. “Our first repayment of about the first half of the debt will occur in February, and this will set us up to make those payments,” he adds.

The rate increase will be formally adopted July 9th and the first billing with the new rates will fall on August 15th, 2013.