RAY COUNTY, Mo. — Law enforcement responded to a burglary call at a local corporation in Henrietta on Wednesday.

According to a probable cause statement, Jeremy W. Hewitt, 40 allegedly broke into the building of the corporation on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The officer was able to positively identify Hewitt through surveillance video.

Hewitt complied with officers and told them some of the items he stole from the business. Hewitt told police he did not have a strong memory of the entire incident or all the items he stole, but did remember stealing a black coat he was wearing at the time.

Hewitt was later located in Richmond where he was arrested. Hewitt is formally charged with felony burglary in the second degree and misdemeanor stealing with a value less than $150.

An arraignment is scheduled for Monday, Dec. 31 at 10 a.m. in a Ray County Courtroom.

Hewitt is currently in custody with bond set at $50,000 cash only with conditions