The Richmond Board of Education renewed a contract at Tuesday night’s meeting.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Superintendent Damon Kizzire:

Damon Kizzire

The only company to put in a bid was Opaa, and the board accepted it. They have been the district’s food service provider since 1984.  The district will pay slightly more than two dollars and twenty six cents per lunch for the 2013-2014 school year.

The Board also approved a grant request by Kendra Niner, who teaches a functional living class in what used to be the home-ec room.  She is looking to replace equipment that has been broken, gone missing, or become outdated since the Consumer Sciences class stopped being offered.  The district will not have to put in any money for the one-time grant.

Eight district employees were recognized at Tuesday’s meeting.  The Board hears an update on a different school in the district every month, and Dear Elementary Principal Piper Peterson did did something new.  “Typically we’ll just show a power point and talk about one teacher or one program or whatever,” said Kizzire, “But she actually put it back on the staff, asking, ‘Hey, what do you think, and who do you think go above and beyond all the time?'”  Peterson brought the eight winners to the meeting and announced them to the Board.