Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross speak with Richmond Superintendent Mike Aytes:


After failed attempts to pass a bond issue in both the August primary and the November general elections, the Richmond School District is now weighing their options.  Superintendent Aytes said no decision has been made on how they will proceed.  “That is a piece the board is wrestling with right now,” said Aytes, “On the good side, we did have 1,384 positive votes which was 500 more than we had in August, but still 40 votes short of passing some very needed funds.”

While a detailed plan may remain unknown, Aytes does believe the issue will once again go before the voters.  “To not move forward with it really does tie our hands in terms of being able to meet some of the priorities that the board has established and meet the needs of the district,” said Aytes, “Ultimately, this is a very critical piece.”

When asked why he believes the measure failed, Aytes said  it’s a combination of those who simply will not vote for any tax increase and those who were not informed as to exactly how the funds would be utilized within the district.  Those projects would reportedly include improving the safety and security of buildings and upgrades to their facilities.