An unconventional teaching method at Richmond Middle School is getting rave reviews. Click to hear KMZU’s Chelsea Wade talk with Principal Trey Cavanah:

Trey Cavanah

Once a semester, teachers crossover to teach a subject outside of their certification. “It started out that we were going to be specific. Science and Math would exchange because there is a lot of mathematics in science and in math you can relate a lot of the topics to the science area. We also have language arts which is very close to social studies as far as the reading and the writing goes. However, we have found success in the randomness of switching with all of the subjects,” Cavanah said.

According to Cavanah, students say the program has had a unifying effect. A recent poll showed about 65-percent of the Middle School students want to pursue some sort of higher education. Cavanah contends that the “teacher swap” is a great way to prepare them for college.