RAY COUNTY, Mo. — A Richmond woman is facing theft charges after she broke into an unnamed victim’s home on Wednesday, March 8.

According to a probable cause statement, Beverly McCormack, 27, allegedly broke into an apartment in the 400 block of North Camden Street in Richmond and stole controlled prescriptions from the resident of the apartment.

The statement alleges that McCormack went into the residence without permission and reportedly proceeded into a bedroom unannounced where the victim was in bed. She then allegedly went over to the nightstand next to the victim in the bed and stole prescriptions from inside the nightstand.

McCormack told officers after she was taken into custody that she had stolen prescriptions from the unidentified person on three separate occasions and then sold them to someone else.

McCormack is charged with three felony counts of burglary in the second degree, two felony counts of stealing controlled substance and one felony count of delivery of a controlled substance except 34 grams or less of marijuana.

McCormack is being held in the Ray County Jail on a bond of $10,000.00 with 10% allowed.