This September, cycling enthusiaists will have a new way to support a worthy cause and ride their bikes 100 miles along the Katy Trail. Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone talk with Special Olympics Missouri Public Relations Coordinator Brandon Schatsiek:
Brandon Schatsiek

“Similar to how the Katy Trail Ride does theirs, we do have a 300 rider limit on each leg,” Schatsiek said. “A total of 600 riders are allowed but 300 on our east route and 300 on our west route.”

The eastbound route will wind from Clinton to Jefferson City, while cyclists who opt to head west will start in St. Charles and finish the ride in Jefferson City. The rides will be happening simultaneously over a two day weekend in September, the 21st and 22nd.

The ride will cost a total of $310 to attend – cyclists will be required to pay $155 when they sign up, and will have to raise the remaining $155.

“Overall its $310 to go on the ride,” stated Schatsiek. “$155 of it is the registration fee, the other $155 is a fundraising fee. It is setup similar to how we do our polar plunge event.”

The money raised will benefit the 17.000 athletes Special Olympics Missouri serves, and will help to fund the new Training For Life campus, which will be located in Mid-Missouri as a place for special needs athletes to hone their skills. This is the first time Special Olympics Missouri has explored cycling as a sport, but Schatsiek said that if athletes are interested, it could be added in the future. He invites athletes to come out and meet the cyclists during the ride.

For more information and to learn how to sign up for the ride, visit