The Missouri Department of Transportation has begun the yearly task of repainting the stripes on state roadways.  Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Sign and Marketing Engineer Tom Honich:

Tom Honich

Press Release from the Missouri Department of Transportation

JEFFERSON CITY – The Missouri Department of Transportation’s spring pavement striping program has begun, and drivers will see slow-moving caravans of trucks painting roadways throughout the state.
MoDOT’s goal for the program is to place fresh striping along all major roads by Memorial Day, the first holiday travel weekend of the summer season.
Crisp, easy-to-see striping is a significant safety feature on roadways. The paint contains glass beads that reflect light from headlights in the dark.
The striping trains move between 8 mph and 12 mph when workers are painting white and yellow lines on the highways. The trucks have flashing lights, boards with flashing arrows and signs that say “Wet Paint.”
Many striping crews are working 12-hour days Monday through Saturday. Although most of the striping is done during daylight hours, some nighttime work will be scheduled when traffic volumes are lighter. Rain or very damp conditions will cancel or cut short any striping work that is scheduled.
MoDOT’s district offices schedule the striping program. Roadwork schedules can be found by visiting and selecting a particular district.

Safety Tips
MoDOT encourages motorists to use caution in and around the striping equipment and crew workers. Here are driving tips to remember when coming upon a striping project:

· Stay behind the last truck in the work train. This will keep you from tracking fresh paint across the lanes and damaging the new stripes. It also will prevent paint from getting onto your vehicle.

· On four-lane highways, pull around the striping train by merging carefully into the open lane.

· On two-lane highways, stay behind the last truck in the striping train, placed well behind the striping truck. This will give the new paint the few minutes it needs to dry. If traffic backs up behind the striping train, MoDOT crews will pull out of the way where it is safe to do so and let congestion clear.

· If you drive through wet paint, which is water-based, clean your car as quickly as possible with a high-powered water hose such as those used in car washes.