MoDOT Director Dave Nichols would like to remind motorists who travel along Missouri’s roadways to exercise caution. Missouri farmers have started getting their fields ready for spring planting and as a result, several types of farm vehicles will be sharing Missouri roads. If you come up behind a farm vehicle, slow down and wait until you can pass at a safe distance and speed.


News Release from Missouri Department of Transportation

JEFFERSON CITY – With planting season in full swing, the Missouri Department of Transportation wants to remind motorists to pay extra attention for farm equipment using and crossing state roadways.

“Spring planting time is a busy time of the year for Missouri’s farm families, and MoDOT wants to make it a safe time of year too,” said MoDOT Director Dave Nichols.  “Tractors, trucks and other farm equipment are slow moving, and motorists may be surprised when they come up behind one on a Missouri highway.”

Missouri’s 33,000 miles of state roadway pass alongside the fields of more than 100,000 farms throughout the state.

Motorists are advised to slow down when approaching farm vehicles. Be patient as the farm vehicles travel to their field entrances. In passing zones, please wait until it is safe and pass at a safe distance and speed.