On the afternoon of Friday September 19th a traffic stop on South Main St. near the intersection with Old 24, ended in the arrest of a local Carrollton resident. Carrie Robertson came to KMZU with her story of that encounter accusing police of using excessive force.

Carrie Robertson

Over the past few weeks, KMZU News requested access to the arresting officer’s body cameras. The camera footage was not available for some time as the investigation was on-going. However the investigation was complete as of Thursday, October 2nd.

KMZU News was invited to the police station to view the video on Friday, and was given a copy.

The incident report was also made available indicating Carrier Robertson is accused of several violations including assault of a police officer, disobeying a lawful order, resisting arrest, speeding, no insurance and invalid plates.

From viewing the video footage it appears there are some discrepancies in Ms. Robertson’s recount of the events.

Also at the same time, the officers body cameras have one set of time stamps that are accurate, while Officer Andrew Worrall’s was not. When I questioned Chief Robert Turner about the discrepancy the Chief stated the cameras do not keep the date and time in memory when the battery runs out. That being said, the department is looking into better cameras with less bugs.

Both videos from Officer Worrall’s and Ethan Perkinson’s cameras are posted below. But, be warned, the videos are disturbing with some utterances of profanity. Viewer discretion is advised. Due to their length the videos will take some time to load.

Worral’s Video Part I

Worral’s Video Part II

Perkinson’s Video