KMZU’s Sandi Wilson spoke with Trenton Police Chief Tommy Wright about keeping kids safe as they are waiting and loading on school buses, and proper safety knowledge of crossing the street.

Chief Wright1

Police Chief Tommy Wright says parents are a big influence in teaching their kids proper safety when being near or on a street. When you teach a child to look both ways it can make a big difference.

Motorists need to be aware of children being in the streets and running across the road to catch the school bus. Drivers should obey all speed limits especially in school zones because they are put in place for a reason. Keep your eyes on the road and your cell phone put away.

As a reminder it is state and federal law that drivers stop behind or in front of a school bus when the flashing lights are on and the stop arm has been engaged.

Chief Wright says there will be increased police presence around schools and bus stops to mainly ensure the safety of the kids.

You can check out the Trenton Police Department on Facebook. Or you can call the office at (660) 359-5557 if you have any questions.