Two years of work is about to produce results in Saline County. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with County Clerk Debbie Russell:

Debbie Russell

The site was built at a cost of $2,600. “Other than that, it’s just been, basically, our time as officeholders. Which, you know, a lot of it’s been done after hours, or a couple of hours during the work day, but most of it’s been outside of the work day. The $2,600 is actually the only amount of money that the County’s having to put forth at this point,” said Russell.

They expect the website to go live on Tuesday. “What you’re going to see when you go into the home page is basically just options that tell just a little bit about Saline County. There’s a  small slideshow that gives some pictures of mostly just the courthouse. But I do hope to get some other pictures, go to some of the other towns,” said Russell, “I’d like to hit every town in Saline County.”

The web address will be