Holdred Map, courtesy of santafetrail.org.

Holdred Map, courtesy of santafetrail.org.

The Saline County Commission is preparing to install some markers on certain roadways. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner:

Monte Fenner

The Commission signed on last August with the Missouri River Outfitters Chapter and the Santa Fe Trail Association, which is part of the National Park Service.

“They wanted us to put signage on the Santa Fe Trail throughout Saline County,” said Fenner, “And we agreed to do that. They furnish the signs, all we have to do is put these signs up. And it will be a driving trail, along the old Santa Fe Trail, with signage showing where these markers and so forth are.”

Santa Fe Trail 2

1845 U.S. Map with Trail, courtesy of santafetrail.org.

24 markers will be put in throughout the County.

“It will basically start at Arrow Rock, and then of course follow the trail throughout Saline County. It will go north of Marshall. There will be signage in the city of Malta Bend, and also the last signage will be in the city of Grand Pass. So clear across the county from Arrow Rock to Grand Pass.”

Santa Fe Trail

Brown Map 1845, courtesy of santafetrail.org.

The trail began in New Franklin, Missouri. These markers will be placed along the entire route, from Howard County, Mo. to Santa Fe, New Mexico.