With almost 5,000 votes (57%), the out-of-state use tax was approved by voters in Saline County on Tuesday.  The measure is slated to go into effect on January 1, 2013.  Click to hear KMZU’s Mike Stone talk with Northern District Commissioner Norvelle Brown:

Norvelle Brown

“The county was expected to lose about $100,000 in revenue in 2013 if a ‘use tax’ was not implemented,” said Brown.  “We are very thankful for the patrons of Saline County that voted for the tax.  It will take some of the pressure off of our budget.  I think it goes to show that once people are informed of why a tax is necessary, most of them will support it.  We are very excited [voters] got behind us and, with a sizable margin, passed the tax.”

The tax is based on items bought outside of Missouri’s boundaries.  According to Brown, most of the items purchased out-of-state are motor vehicles and boats.  The measure also includes an “interstate-use-tax” for residents who purchase goods on the internet.  If an individual purchases more than $2,000 in merchandise, they are required to file a report with the Department of Revenue.  The taxes collected by the county can be used for a variety of purposes including repairs and salaries of county officials.  The results will be certified in the coming days.