Commissioners in Saline County met with representatives from the Enbridge Pipeline Company on Thursday.  Click to hear KMZU’s Kristie Cross talk to South Commissioner Monte Fenner:

Monte Fenner

Fenner explained that project impact to area roads was the main focus of discussion.  “We asked specific questions of who’s responsibility it was going to be to get these roads back in their original conditions after this pipeline is put through,” said Fenner,” She is going to come back and meet with us in late February and bring along another representative with her who can answer any questions that she perhaps cannot.”

For now, Fenner said he is comfortable with the company’s stand on the issue.  “She suggested that our common road district, as well as the special roads district, take pictures of specific crossings that will be used and have that as a guideline,” said Fenner,” Then, once they make repairs at the end of the project, we can compare the before and after.”

According to the commissioner, construction is expected to effect 25 county and state roads in their territory. The Enbridge Pipeline website indicates the pipeline will be in service by mid-year of 2014.