Voters in the Cities of Marshall and Slater will decide whether to implement the sales tax.  If approved, the same rate that applies to local purchases would be taxed on out-of-state purchases totaling more than 2,000 dollars.  In Marshall, this is 1.5 percent and in Slater it is two percent.

Tax levies in multiple Road Districts are also on the ballot.

The Sweet Springs special Road district is asking for a renewal of the 30 cent levy for another four years.

A four-year 29 cent tax renewal is on the ballot for the Gilliam special road district.

Voters in the Malta Bend Special Road District will decide whether to renew a 35 cent tax for four years.

Multiple contested races for area School Boards are on the ballot.

In Sweet Springs, Donald Boland, Bruce Hoyes, Marc Johnson, Alan Zimmerschied, and Doug Loges are vying for two openings on the Board of Education.

Amanda Green Blank, Eric Harvey, and Scott Schuster are on the ballot for the Blackwater School District.

Voters will decide between Kathy Green, John Allen, Jr., and Michael Mills for two Board Member positions in the Marshall District.

In Slater, Joey Gochenour, Caleb Jordan, and Darla Arni are on the Ballot.

City Council and Board of Aldermen positions in the area are up for election.

Barbara Utlaut and Steven Mills are on the ballot for Marshall Ward One Council Member.

In Slater, Glenn Thomas and Brownell Bryant are vying for Ward Two Councilman.  In Ward Three, Ron Monnig and Frank Dolezal are on the ballot.

Voters in Blackburn will decide between Charles Meinershagen and Larry Mueller for Ward One Alderman.

Mindee Grimes, Adam Nichols, and Jenna Lee are running for Alderperson in Gilliam.

In the Village of Arrow Rock, Bruce Satterlee, Sandy Selby, Kirby McCullough, and Mike Duncan are running for Town Board Member.