CARROLL COUNTY, Mo. — As evacuations are advised by authorities in southern Carroll County from Norborne to Dewitt, a massive sandbagging operation is ongoing in Norborne.

Photo: KMZU’s Nick Sadwoski, March 2019

Carroll County Presiding Commissioner Stan Falke told KMZU News that sandbaggers are desperately needed throughout the day Friday and through this weekend.

“We have not seen the crest of the river and we won’t until tomorrow,” Falke explained. “So I think the feeling [with the evacuation] would be that the water, as it continues to rise, could pose an imminent danger to folks living down by the river.”

Falke says there were 80 volunteers at the Norborne Sandbagging Logistical Center, located at Norborne High School, as of 1:00 p.m. Friday.

That’s not nearly enough though, as thousands of sand bags need to be filled to bolster stress points on levees holding back a deluge from the swollen Missouri River.

The river is forecast to crest at 31.7 feet this weekend, and could stay at its crest for a few days, putting further stress on already weakened and saturated levees.

“We’ve ordered in another 6 or 700 ton of sand that’s gonna be put into little bags to be shipped out onto stress points on the levee as we speak,” Falke said.

Falke said there is a bit of a silver lining, as the flooding is bringing communities closer together.

“The resilience, the effort, the energy and the motivation I see here at the logistics center here in Norborne is outstanding,” Falke reflected. “Folks are working hard and I guarantee you they will be working hard up until the final straw.”