As previously reported, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency convened a Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) July 26-28, 2011, to review atrazine water-monitoring and studies used for human-health assessments, including non-cancer effects and cancer epidemiology. Syngenta, EPA and other government agencies presented new studies helping characterize the toxicology and exposure potential of atrazine. These new studies add significantly to the already robust scientific database on atrazine.
On July 28, 2011, EPA completed the fourth in its series of SAPs to re-review atrazine. Throughout the process, the agency examined more than 200 publications, government and nongovernment studies, analyses and reports, including more than two dozen studies, model methodologies and assessments submitted by Syngenta. The SAP is expected to complete its report on the July proceedings within 90 days.
From Sorghum E-notes