Missouri senators returned to Jefferson City Monday to begin the second half of the First Regular Session of the 97th General Assembly, which will conclude on May 17th.  Among the measures now awaiting the governor’s signature is Senate Bill 20, which would modify provisions of law regarding certain benevolent tax credits.

“It promotes strong charitable spirits of Missourians to drive local efforts to help Missouri’s neediest citizens.  It encourages individuals to give locally and support their friends and neighbors, who are truly on the front lines helping others,” Sen. Bob Dixon, R-Springfield, said.

Sen. Scott Sifton, D-Affton, supports the measure.  He said he has received some input from religious institutions.  “The one group I have heard from on the benevolent tax credits that are in this bill are the catholic charities of St. Louis.  I think it is fitting if we could get this bill to the governor’s desk on this day of all days.  That would be something very special,” Sifton said.

The tax credits expired in August 2012.  This bill would extend most of the benevolent tax credits until December 2019.  The measure contains an emergency clause, so it will go into effect upon the governor’s signature.

Senate Communications Officer Dean Morgan contributed to this report.