The decision to enter into a co-op agreement with Bishop Hogan for middle school sports topped Tuesday night’s Chillicothe Board of Education meeting.  Click to hear KMZUs Chelsea Wade talk with Superintendent Roger Barnes:

Roger Barnes

“The amount of students coming from Bishop Hogan is not necessarily a large enough number to say we are going to have to add more staff, or  going to have to add more uniforms,” Barnes said.  “But the fact remains that it is more students and there is a cost involved and we are going to have to explore that cost.”

Two of the five Chillicothe board members voted against the measure with one abstention.  “There is a certain amount of state aid funding that our district receives,” explained Barnes. “We do not get that funding from students that attend parochial schools.”

Both schools must come to an agreement by May 1 in order for the co-op to take effect in the fall.