A regular meeting will take place Tuesday night  for the Chillicothe Board of Education.  Click to hear KMZUs John Chojnicki talk with Superintendent  Roger Barnes:

Roger Barnes

One of the big issues on the table will be accepting a bid that would give the high school gym an upgrade.  “The  gym floor is almost 12 years old,” said Barnes.  “We’re looking at totally stripping it all the way down to bare wood and starting again with new wax and graphics.”

The school board will also look at adopting more than a dozen policies on Tuesday night.  “This will be the third month for looking at these issues and  nothing really controversial was read the first two times,” explained Barnes.  ” Our process is to read policies three times before we adopt them.  So, this will be the third and final reading and adoption of those policies.”

The meeting will take place at 6:30 p.m. in the Administrative Building.