School buses allow millions of passenger vehicles to remain off the roadway, making conditions more safe for students and motorists.

Highway Patrol’s most recent safety campaign focuses not only on best practices outside the bus, but also inside.

In 2018, there were 969 injury related school bus crashes in Missouri, resulting in 457 injuries, five of which were fatalities.

Most drivers know to stop when students are loading and unloading. Special rules also exist on four lane roads.  Students may only be allowed to cross two lanes of traffic, and only cars

If distraction exists outside the bus environment, it also exists inside. In this campaign, parents are also being encouraged to coach children in bus etiquette, to bring about safer conditions and assist the driver. In case of emergency on a school bus, the driver should have instructions for students.  Training is available for drivers covering multiple safety scenarios.

Students are asked to keep the aisle clear of any and all objects and remain seated on the bus. The larger buses do not have seat belts and rely on seat construction to provide protection during impact.