The Sedalia City Council is expected to take the next step in the annexation of Cambridge Village at their meeting Monday night. Click to hear KMZU’s Sarah Scott speak with City Administrator Gary Edwards:

Gary Edwards

This is a friendly annexation, which makes the process easier. “The reason the property owners in the Cambridge Village subdivision would like to be annexed, and it makes perfect sense in today’s world, is that the requirements by the State for independent or septic sewer systems are becoming very stringent and very expensive,” said Edwards. “Consequently, it makes perfect sense to have access to a public sewer system.” The City of Sedalia will benefit because Cambridge Village contains nice homes, which will have a positive impact on property values.

The Downtown Inspection Ordinance is also on the agenda. Council will consider some changes to the original proposal. One of those is a switch from annual inspections to every three years.

“The way that works is, there will be one initial inspection paid for by the City. That will be a comprehensive inspection of downtown buildings in a certain area that seem to be more susceptible to collapse. That initial inspection will let the property owner, as well as the City, know if there are major health and safety, mainly safety issues.”

Council meets at 7:00. A work session will begin at 6:00.