The Sedalia Area Tourism Commission is accepting applications for funding through September 30th. Click to hear KMZU’s Bob Allen talk with Marketing Director Carolyn Crooker.

Carolyn Crooker

Press Release from the Sedalia Area Tourism Commission:

The Sedalia Area Tourism Commission announce the application process for funding is now open through September 30, 2011.

Non Profit- to qualify for Lodgings Tax funding an organization must be established in Pettis County as a nonprofit organization in good standing with the State of Missouri, or a subdivision or department of Pettis County government, or of a city government within Pettis County, or the State of Missouri government and meet all other requirements. A Certificate of Incorporation from the Secretary of State must be submitted with the first application from an organization.

Organizations promoting tourism – Applicants must provide proof that their organization promotes tourism in the Sedalia area. This purpose must be reflected in the mission statement, by laws, etc. of the applicant organization.

Incorporated for two (2) years – Organizations must have been incorporated for at least two (2) years and must provide annual reports or financial statements for the two (2) previous years.

Eligibility is established only once. The Tourism Commission reserves the right to request financial statements from any applicant during the application review process.

The Tourism Commission recognizes “equal opportunity” practices in the collection and distribution of lodgings tax proceeds.

For more details and the grant application forms go to: